Porthleven Artist Residency

I was selected to take part in the Porthleven Artist Residency in 2023 and subsequently won the Porthleven Prize where my work was exhibited at three separate locations. The theme of the residency was Provenance, as Porthleven is a traditional fishing town in Cornwall, I began inspecting and interrogating the relationship between the rockpools and the permeance they possess through a variety of mediums. 

To capture the movement of the rockpools and communicate them using sustainable methods, I spent a day documenting the tidal changes through illustration. These drawings made up my final piece which I decided to put into a woven textile throw. Porthleven has a strong fishing history, therefore nets, knits and webs were a common theme that came up for me, it was this idea of interconnectedness and weave, that led me to choose this final medium.

The throw is double-sided with different colour ways depending on which side you view it from, this intentional decision disseminates how perspectives of Porthleven, a vibrant tourist hub, conceal a sombre past. Buried beneath its picturesque facade lies a challenging history marked by hardship, displacement, and the enduring struggles of its resilient community.

Art Direction