Pleasure, is a magazine that I created, celebrating the power of the female gaze. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, I shatter conventional boundaries and embrace fluidity whilst exploring the theme of desire. My mission was to redefine the way we perceive and understand the female and gender non-conforming experience through the lens of art.

In the process of curating Pleasure, the design challenges were twofold: crafting a visually captivating platform while fostering an atmosphere of safety and trust. Balancing artistic aesthetics with sensitivity, I ensured that the voices we showcased felt protected, embraced, and empowered, establishing a sanctuary where vulnerability flourished, and authentic perspectives found solace.

To achieve this delicate balance, I employed thoughtful curation, inclusive imagery and vocabulary, and a supportive editorial approach, fostering an environment where subjects felt valued and heard. The magazine is a rich publication bursting with poetry, interviews and experiences carefully brought together through typography, photography and collage. 

Art Direction
Graphic Design