Mundo Fantastico 


Mundo Fantastico is a riso printed, hand bound zine created during a self initiated artist residency. This one-day creative odyssey evolved into a long-form reportage experience, delving into the heart of human sensuality. Embracing the raw vitality of this expedition, the zine focuses on an erotic shop, immortalising moments of raw vulnerability, fiery passion, and profound connection.

Here, the harmonious pairing of found poetry with intricate illustrations becomes a dance of artistic expression. The challenge lay in entwining words and visuals seamlessly, allowing each to enhance the other's resonance. Careful consideration was dedicated to selecting evocative colour palettes, ones that breathe life into the pages, evoking emotions of desire and longing.

The impermanence inherent in riso printing mirrors the fleeting nature of human desires, lending an ethereal quality to the zine's essence. Through this method, each page becomes a testament to the transient yet profound moments captured within the erotic shop's walls. "Mundo Fantastico" transcends its physical form, inviting readers to experience the intimacy of the journey and contemplate the intricate tapestry of human connection and longing.

Graphic Design
Riso Printing and Screen Printing