Branding Projects


Here are several recent branding projects that I've undertaken, highlighting my proficiency in illustration, graphic design, photography, identity creation, and strategic thinking. These endeavors serve as a testament to my diverse skill set and the comprehensive approach I take towards building compelling brand experiences.

Wave Cafe

I crafted the visual identity and branding for Wave Cafe, a specialty coffee shop that distinguishes itself as a surf-centric, community-oriented haven. Placing a profound emphasis on the combination of connection, coffee culture, and the spirit of surfing, the brand unfolds from a bespoke typeface, inspired by the rhythmic patterns of ocean waves, to a comprehensive logo and identity that authentically encapsulates the essence of Wave Cafe.

The journey of design innovation extended beyond the digital realm, weaving its way into tangible expressions through thoughtfully curated apparel and packaging. Each element of the Wave identity resonates with the core values of the cafe, creating a cohesive and immersive brand experience. The custom typeface serves as the foundational building block, mirroring the ebb and flow of waves, and seamlessly translating the cafe's commitment to providing a space where community, coffee, and the thrill of surfing converge.

Tramp Stamp Label

As the lead designer on the Tramp Stamp Label project, I took on the responsibility of crafting a unique and eye-catching logo through hand-lettering, establishing it as the unmistakable cornerstone of the brand. Beyond logo creation, I transitioned into photography and art direction, assuming the role for two seasons of the brand's collection. Meticulously combining design elements, handcrafted typefaces, and strategic visual direction, I ensured a cohesive and captivating brand identity. The typographic logo, coupled with carefully curated visuals, stands as a testament to the brand's distinct identity and aesthetic cohesion, making a lasting impact on Tramp Stamp Label's visual presence.

CANIS Dog Food

I crafted the branding for Canis, a dog food brand that takes pride in putting pets at the forefront, providing a fully customisable experience for Gen Z dog owners. To encapsulate their essence, I designed a playful logo and vibrant colour scheme, illustrating their commitment to a forward-thinking, pet-centered approach. By hand-drawing the illustrations and incorporating distinctive typography elements, I have not only forged a memorable visual identity but also conveyed their dedication to curating a bespoke and trendy culinary journey for the discerning Gen Z pet parent.