A Message To You


A Message to You is an artist book that explores the nuances of the skinhead subculture. By navigating the female gaze and subverting traditional ideologies of what it means to be a skinhead, A Message to You disseminates, the history, the meaning and the future of the skinhead subculture. With archival imagery and excerpts from academic studies on skinhead culture, this book outlines and investigates the topic through various artistic mediums.

The book struggled to be encapsulated within traditional chapters or layouts, there is no beginning, middle or end when it comes to a subculture as it can be viewed as something intangible. It was also challenging to demonstrate and investigate the subversion of the gaze, due to the fact there was so little in archival resources relating to the female experience within the subculture. Navigating these negative spaces was arduous, especially when it came to displaying my findings.

By leaning into these negative spaces and connecting with contemporary skinheads, I uncovered the emotional ties and nuances that come with being a part of this community. I ensured that I collected both historical and current resources and experiences to establish an informed and well rounded viewpoint, that both elucidates and educates the viewer on the subculture.

Art Direction
Graphic Design